About LG Lyon

12 May

About LG Lyon

SNCF Intrapreneurship Camp

From 30.12.16 to 06.01.17, our LG will organise the first ESTIEM event in Paris! After a New Year Eve pre event till the 02.01.17, participants will work on the implementation of new technologies in the complex structure of a multinational. They will collaborate with startups dealing with Chatbots to make a planning for the project and finally present a pitch to impress a jury of sponsors!

SNCF is looking for passionate ESTIEMers who have good managerial skills and an interest for IT and digitalization.

If you are confident in your communication skills and happen to match this profile, apply on the portal and send us your CV  on businessbooster.Lyon@estiem.org before the 1st of December at 23:59.