About LG Lyon

Our LG is one of the three French LGs and is based in Lyon, one of the biggest French cities after Paris. This year, the local board is composed of 11 people whose a president (Alexandre), a Local Responsible (Justine), a HR manager (Julien), a treasurer team (Lucas and Carole), a Corporate Relation team (Leonie, Leo and Sophie) and a Public Relation team (Juliette and Gregory) ready to organise a lot of events in Lyon but also in Europe with other ESTIEMers.

Among this events, we have the T.I.M.E.S (Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills) which is is a case study competition in teams of 4. It is in partnership with a company (Deloitte in 2020) that provides case study and who participates in the jury. LG organizes local qualifications: the winning team is qualified for the semi-finals, then possibly for the final. The semi-finals and the finalare central and not local events (i.e., they bring together ESTIEMers from different countries). To resume, we prepare a lot of events as fun as serious!